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A closer look at... Straight Talk for Men from a Woman's Perspective

Straight Talk for Men from a Woman’s Perspective is Lisa Jefferson's thoughts on paper about one of God’s finest creations ever made—man!

As a sister, an aunt, a stepmother, and a grandmother of men, her heart is drawn to speak life, to speak wisdom, and to speak words of frank and candid dialogue into the lives of boys and men of all ages. Straight Talk for Men from a Woman’s Perspective is short and straight forward.

What Lisa has written does not apply to all men, but she is very aware that a lot of boys and men need to read what she has to say. Lisa Jefferson believes the words written will cause you to react. Whether your reaction is good or bad, only you will be able to determine.

In Straight Talk for Men from a Woman's Perspective, some of the issues most men face but seldom talk about will be highlighted. With certainty, once you complete this book, your eyes will be opened, and you, hopefully, will begin to see yourself as a winner and start pursuing and accomplishing your goals, your dreams, and the desires you have always longed for.


"Straight Talk for Men is something that is so needed in our community with our (black) men! Lisa hit some major points! This is a good read because what the author has to say is not too wordy or lengthy. The book is straight to the point and honest. Great Job!" -T. Stevens

"I was surprised to see that Straight Talk for Men is not just for men. As a woman, I was able to pull key points from each chapter, which allowed me to gain a new understanding of the relationships I have with the men in my life. I now see my brother, father, uncles, and male peers in a different light." -C. Jefferson

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