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Lisa Wilson Jefferson's Biography

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Lisa Marie Wilson Jefferson, wife of 35 years with a blended family of three adult children, was born on March 3rd in Plaquemine, LA to the late Leroy Wilson, Sr. and the late Barbara Ann Wilson. She is a licensed minister and serves as the women’s ministry leader and marriage class facilitator at Peace Baptist Church in Decatur, Georgia under the leadership of Pastor, Tyrone E. Barnette.

When Lisa is not uplifting people, she is providing top-notch Real Estate services for buyers, sellers, and investors. Self employed for 21 years, she currently serves as the broker/owner of Atlanta Homebuyers Realty Group, LLC located in Decatur, GA, and the CEO for Atlanta Property Preservation Partners, a home renovation company she founded in 2006.

Above all, Lisa Wilson Jefferson is a master of encouraging and empowering others to stretch beyond their comfort zones. She demonstrates her genuine love for people by writing books and creating workshops that help people to self-reflect, become aware of the best—and imperfect—parts of themselves. Lisa’s latest creation and invention, Let's Kuhnectt®, a social-interactive game that helps people get to know themselves and the people around them, allows her to get up close and personal with individuals from all backgrounds, assisting them with becoming their best selves. Her books Speak Life, not Death and Straight Talk for Men create a platform for people to grow beyond their current state of being.

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