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A closer look at... Speak Life, not Death

As we go on the journey through this book, Speak Life, Not

Death, I will ask you to focus on where the dysfunction started in your life. Before we begin, pray for transparency and healing. Pray and ask God to help you forgive yourself for the unkind things that you have said to others and to help you forgive the people that have used their tongues to hurt you.

WARNING: I will tell you upfront that confronting and acknowledging how you got this way may not be comfortable. This book is going to challenge you in ways you did not think were possible. I encourage you to face the pain head-on and be willing to allow the light to penetrate the dark areas where the pain still resides. In the end, I promise if you are open and honest and willing to admit where you are, the healing can begin to take place, and there is a good chance you will be restored.

Moving forward, please know that there is nothing you can do to change what you said or did yesterday. Because you have chosen to examine yourself and are willing to make the necessary adjustments to glorify God more powerfully, you can celebrate a new beginning today.


"I was quick to speak, quick to complain, and quick to use my words to pierce others. Speak Life, not Death will teach you to use your tongue and mouth to be a blessing to others and will show you how to be more pleasing to God. Minister Lisa has taught me to call on God during my dark and dreary moments, and although I still struggle, I’m thankful I‘m not who I used to be. The Lord is changing me, and He can change you too!" -F. Johnson

"Minister Lisa Jefferson has a love for encouraging others through words of wisdom. Speak Life, not Death has blessed me and reminds me of just how powerful the tongue is. It shows through Scripture how God commissions us to use our tongues as peacemakers, encouragers, and supporters to those we come in contact with. Thank you, Lisa, for not just writing a book, but outlining a lifestyle for Christians to follow." -V. Wallace


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