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Lisa W. Jefferson

Kuhnectt® CEO & Inventor

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New Release

Speak Life, not Death
(December 12, 2021)

Has anyone ever called you, or someone you know, jealous? Do you find yourself being critical of others? Have you ever used negative words to get your way or purposely hurt someone you care about? This book is for you if you’re ready to take an honest look at yourself in the mirror and make some changes that will benefit your life and the lives of those around you.


"Straight Talk for Men is something that is so needed in our community with our (black) men! Lisa hit some major points! This is a good read because what the author has to say is not too wordy or lengthy. The book is straight to the point and honest. Great Job!"

Straight Talk for Men is short sweet and to the point!

T. Stevens

Praise & Reviews

"Speak Life, not Death will teach you to use your tongue and mouth to be a blessing to others and will show you how to be more pleasing to God. Minister Lisa has taught me to call on God during my dark and dreary moments, and although I still struggle, I’m thankful I‘m not who I used to be."

The Lord is changing me, and He can change you too!
F. Johnson

"Lisa Jefferson has always been one to encourage anyone she meets. It's as if she is called to uplift people! I enjoy reading her books because it allows me to really get to know myself and see what I need to ask God to heal in my life. I can't wait to see what's coming next!"

Lisa's books are worth every penny!

P. James

Latest Appearances

See Lisa W. Jefferson in the flesh at speaking engagements, book signings, and more!

March 23rd 2022, Book Discussion w/ Author and Panel

Wednesday Nite Live @ PBC, 7PM

December 15th 2021, Author Talk

Wednesday Nite Live @ PBC, 7PM

December 12th 2021, Book Signing

Peace Baptist Church, 9:30AM & 12:30AM

:getting to know yourself and the people around you

Let's Kuhnectt® is a social-interactive game that helps people get to know themselves and the people around them. By the end of each game, you and your friends, or family, will feel a new sense of appreciation for each other. This game brings out the best in everyone and is a great way to create meaningful dialogue.

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About Lisa W. Jefferson

Lisa Wilson Jefferson is a master of encouraging and empowering others to stretch beyond their comfort zones. She demonstrates her genuine love for people by writing books and creating workshops that help people to self-reflect, become aware of the best—and imperfect—parts of themselves.

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